Posted By: Victoria Garza 28. July 2020

Customs Agents are stopping everyone who are crossing from Värmland in Sweden into Innland, to hear if they have stayed in red areas and must be quarantined.

– “Everyone will be stopped and talked to,” says chief of staff of the police of Innland, Pål Erik Teigen to NRK.

The number of border crossings between Innland and Sweden increased by more than 20,000 last week, as a result of Norwegians being allowed to travel to green regions in Sweden, such as Värmland, without being quarantined. 18,000 of the passings took place this past weekend. At most, between 500 and 600 cars per hour passed the control stations at Magnormoen and Støa.

– “This is based on trust. If they say that they are coming from an area that is red in Sweden, they are taken aside and either quarantined or expelled,” says acting section leader of the Customs agency, Bjørn Hansrud.

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