Customs made the biggest cosmetics bust ever in June

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Customs officers at Oslo Airport have seized cosmetics worth NOK 1.2 million in eight smuggling attempts. In June, they broke what is probably a record.

What is probably the largest customs seizure of cosmetics in Norway ever, was made on the 10th of June. Then six Congolese women were stopped in customs control at Gardermoen.

‘’The six Congolese citizens came by plane from Ethiopia to Oslo on the morning of 10th June. We uncovered cosmetics and skin creams to a total value of NOK 890,000. The goods for one of the travellers were worth 500,000 kroner’’ said office manager, Hans Wilhelmsen of customs control at Oslo airport.

He thinks this is the largest customs haul of cosmetics ever in Norway.

The six women were fined for the smuggling attempt. The largest fine was NOK 100,000.

A week later, on June 16th, a Dutch citizen was caught with creams and other cosmetic articles worth NOK 204,000 when she arrived from Ethiopia. The value added tax which should have been paid for the lot amounted to NOK 51,000. The woman has received a fine of NOK 50,000.

The first attempt to smuggle cosmetics in large quantities to Norway from Africa was uncovered on June 3rd at Oslo Airport. The customs officers then stopped a Belgian-Congolese woman with cosmetics worth 120,000 kroner. The woman received a fine of NOK 30,000.

If you have been out of the country for at least 24 hours, the limit for how many cosmetics you can bring with you is 6,000 kroner.

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