Customs officers at Svinesund found over half a ton of drugs hidden in semi-trailer

drugSvinesund.The drug dog Ollie.Photo: Tolletaten / NTB scanpix

Over half a ton of drugs were found hidden in a semi-trailer at Svinesund last summer.The Dutch driver was charged with smuggling.


Customs officers discovered one of the biggest hauls ever at the end of June last year at the border crossing, and the seizure has not been publicised previously for police investigation purposes.

‘Tollvesenet’ (Customs) said it was the experienced drug dog, Ollie, that found the drugs,which were hidden in a pallet of boxes. The Dutch trailer driver had customs papers, which showed that the cargo consisted of 4.5 tonnes of Crocs shoes. When the trailer was examined in the control hall at Svinesund, 32 pallets were found with shoes, but there was also a pallet full of drugs that were packed in plastic and steel containers.

“I myself was present that morning, and cannabis could be smelled throughout the control hall, so you did not have to be a drug dog to understand what was there,” said chief executive Øystein Børmer to NRK news.

The seizure included 507 kilos of drugs distributed between 430 kilos of cannabis resin, 23 kilos of marijuana, 40 kilograms of amphetamine, 12 kilos of heroin and 2 kilos of cocaine. According to the Customs Union, this represented 600,000 user doses.

“At market value, this is the biggest seizure we have ever made. We estimate that the drug has a value of NOK 100 million. This shows the extent to which operations like this are present, both in terms of buying drugs in this quantity, but also to sell it on further. It requires a separate distribution network in Norway’’, said Børmer.

The 40 year old driver was charged with serious drug crimes, but claims he did not know there were drugs in the cargo. He therefore denies punishment, declared the man’s defence lawyer to NRK news.

The police expect that the Dutchman will be tried in the spring. The prosecution would not say if they know who would receive the half ton of drugs in Norway.


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