Customs officials at Ørje seized over 100,000 cigarettes


Thursday, Customs at Ørje did their biggest seizure of this year, when over 100,000 cigarettes and hundreds of liters of beer were found in a truck with a trailer.

‘Thursday morning, just over 5 o’clock, we stopped a Lithuanian van with a quite large trailer hanging on’, said Gro Lene Gundelsby-section leader at Ørje customs office to NRK news.

They suspected that the trailer could be a rebuilt after a closer look they did at the trailer. Finally it was found 313 liters of beer, 30 liters of liquor and 116,000 cigarettes in the car and trailer. ‘This seizure is the largest in Ørje so far this year, that we are pleased with’, said Gundelsby.
The Lithuanian driver is handed over to the police, while the goods are destroyed by Customs.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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