Customs in Oslo uncovered 247 kilos of hash

Customs Hash OsloCustoms scanner and drug dog Tika revealed 247 kilos of cannabis in Oslo.. Photo: Tollvesenet

Customs in Oslo uncovered 247 kilos of hash in trailer

Customs officers from the Customs Region Oslo and Akershus stopped a Polish registered semitrailer that made them suspicious. Manual check of the trailer showed that it was empty, but when the semi-trailer was x-rayed on the dock in Oslo, the operator detected irregularities in the rear part of the trailer.


The drug trained dog, Tika, also marked for drugs being present there.

The Customs control was therefore halted and the Oslo police was informed after  customs uncovered multiple parcels being hid behind the fake wall. The drug seizure was originally estimated at 250 kilos of hash in gross weight. That ranks as one of the top ten customs seizures of cannabis ever in Norway.

The seizure was made on May 9, 2017, but has not been publicized before now due to the police investigation of the case.

The 29-year-old Polish driver of the vehicle was arrested in connection with the drug seizure.

247 kilos of hash constitutes roughly 250,000 user doses and has a estimated street value of NOK 25 million, assuming a price tag of more than NOK 100 per gram.

During 2017, Norwegian customs seized a total of 1.2 metric tons of cannabis.


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