Customs seizes 758 kilograms of fish

Seafood exportsFreshly caught fish.Photo:

Customs officers at the Finnish-Norwegian border station in Karigasniemi confiscated a total of 758 kilos of fish during Easter. The fish were being smuggled out of Norway.

Customs at the border station in Karigasniemi made several fish hauls at Easter. The largest seizure of 364 kilograms of fish was made on April 12, when the customs officers stopped a Ukrainian-registered van. The fish were packed in glass jars and in ice cream boxes.

178 kilograms of fish fillets were also seized in a German-registered van and a seizure in a Polish-registered van.

Customs region Northern Norway has so far this year made 13 customs seizures and seized 1,935 kilos of fish and six kilograms of crab Tolletaten said in a press release. Five nationalities were behind the attempts at fishing smuggling.

It is permitted to export ten kilos of fish or fishery products from their own fishing out of Norway. The quota applies per person for both Norwegians and foreigners.

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