Customs: Server on fire and seizures of hash

Customs Hash fire ØrjeThe customs officers at Ørje found 1.9 kilos of hash in the car. Photo: Tolletaten.

Customs: Server on fire and seizures of hash

News from Norwegian Customs; Finds of hash at Torp and Ørje and a server on fire in Tromsø.


Hash around the legs and in the stomach

Spanish national stopped at Sandefjord airport Torp with hash around the legs and in the stomach.

Customs Officers at Sandefjord Airport Torp found 1.1 kilos of cannabis on a Spanish plane passenger (43). The man came by plane from Spain to Torp in the evening of October 25.

It was discovered 60 balls of hash that the man had taped on the inside of his legs. additionally they suspected that the man had swallowed drugs. The Customs Office therefore requested that the man be X-rayed at the hospital. He was taken there by a patrol from the South East Police District.

The drug around the legs was weighed to 711 grams of hash. Additionally 450 grams of hash were found in his stomach.

Stopped with 1.9 kilos of hash at Ørje

The trip to Norway ended at the Ørje Customs Plaza for a woman (20) from Estonia night before October 30.

The Customs Officers did not believe she had a boyfriend in Bergen and brought the Swedish-registered car into the control hall. The drug dog Aron (2) marked that there were drugs in the back of the seats.

The Officers found a total of 1.9 kilos of hash in the car. The woman and drugs were thereafter taken care of by Police Officers from the East Police District.

Fire at Tromsø regional customs office

There has been a fire in a server at Tromsø regional Customs Office on Wednesday. All employees were sent home for the rest of the day.

No other offices in the northern region of Northern Norway seem to be affected by the fire in the server.

Helligskogen performs the declaration registrations for Tromsø for the time being.


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