Cyclist died in a tractor accident in Oslo

Cyclist diedOslo.Cyclist died.Photo.: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

A female cyclist in her mid-40s died after being run over by a tractor at Sandaker in Oslo on Tuesday evening.


The accident happened on Sandakerveien / Hans Nielsens Hauges gate, close to Sandaker Center. The accident happened in connection with snow cleaning, Aftenposten writes.


“Ambulances and physicians quickly came to the location and started life-saving measures, but they failed to save the cyclist’s life,” said Tor Gulbrandsen, Operations Manager in the Oslo police district.


Police Deputy Leader, Arve Røtterud, later said to NRK that the woman had fallen under the tractor in or at a pedestrian zone. He says the driver of the tractor is traumatized by the accident.


“We have the driver in custody and he has contacted his employer. He is very affected by the accident,” says Røtterud.


The accident happened around eight in the evening. The area was cordoned, and the police worked on tracking and questioning the witnesses.


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