Cyclists in Oslo will get green light first

CyclistsCyclists.Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix

It will be easier for cyclists to get ahead in the Oslo traffic. Cyclists will be allowed to cycle through the traffic lights ahead of the cars.

This is made possible by the use of small sensors that monitor the traffic. If a cyclist arrives, the traffic lights will send a signal that a cyclist is waiting for a green light to continue to the next traffic light. Then a “green wave” will launch along the road strech.

Thus, crossing traffic must wait. The sensors already give priority to buses ahead of cars. The system is now being tested on Grünerløkka. If the project is successful, it will probably be rolled out to other parts of Oslo, reports NRK.

The City of Oslo is clear that it is those who travel in the most environmentally friendly manner should be given priority:

“There is not room for all the cars, which have for too long been given priority in urban development,” says transport agency Arild Hermstad from the Green Party (MDG).

People’s reaction to No More Tolls (FNB) is very skeptical that cyclists may get more green light at traffic junctions than motorists.

– This is just another means of getting the cars out of the center of Oslo, says city council representative Cecilie Lyngby (FNB).

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