Czech woman dies after knife stabbing at a venue in Oslo

Tiffani Café knife stabbing Czech womanFrogner in Oslo.Photo: Lars Eide / NTB scanpix

A 27-year-old woman has died after she was stabbed in Oslo a week ago. According to the charged person’s defender, there was a conflict about their child.

The woman was in Tiffani Café at Frogner in Oslo when the 51-year-old man came in on Sunday, July 1st. At 19:30 the police reported that the woman had been stabbed and that the emergency services were scrambling to the place.

She was treated for critical injuries, and on Monday Oslo police district declared that she had died.

Czech citizens

Both the victim and the offender are Czech citizens and were in Norway to work, police reported last week. The victim and the perpetrator had a child together, but did not live together.

The suspect was detained for three weeks in prison on July 3, with a letter and visit ban throughout the period as well as isolation in the first two weeks. He was charged with attempted murder after the incident.

“The charges against the man is now changed to murder,” the police says.

Conflict of common children

The man was informed on Monday afternoon that the woman is dead, but has not been informed of the increased charge, his defense lawyer Johnny Veum says. The 51-year-old has acknowledged that he stabbed the woman.

– He has not declered himself guilty so far. There are parts of the event he does not remember, says the defender to NTB.

“He is very sad and despairs of what has happened. There has been a conflict around their child that he has not seen for a long time, says Veum.

The woman’s relatives have been informed and are followed up by police liasions officers.


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