Dad was over the limit when the son was learner driving

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A 40 year old man was convicted of being over the limit for alcohol while instructing his son to drive. The man refused the charge.


A woman alerted the police after she recognised the smell from the man before he sat in the car with his son, wrote Adresseavisen newspaper. The event took place at Melhus in Trøndelag in February, and this week the man went to court.

The 40 year old denied the penalty, and claimed he had drunk three decilitres of pure alcohol after driving, but before the police appeared on his doorstep. The court heard that this explanation didn’t match his blood alcohol level.

‘An essential part of the intake of alcohol had therefore happened before driving,’ the prosecution said.
The man was deprived of his driver’s license after the incident in February, but at Christmas he was caught again, this time with an alcohol level of over two. He acknowledged the penalty for this,and for driving without a valid driving license.

The total verdict in Sør-Trøndelag district court amounted to 45 days in prison, and 22,000 kroner in fines. In addition, he lost the use of his driving license for four years.


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