Day carer is charged eleven years after a baby died

Norway's lawsNorway's laws .Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

A former infant day carer has been charged with killing a one year old girl who died eleven years ago. The woman has pleaded not guilty.


According to the charge, the woman, now in her 40s, repeatedly hit the little girl’s head against a hard surface, reported Aftenposten.


The prosecution claims that this caused a fracture of the child’s skull, and there were injuries to the throat and other areas. The girl died of her injuries two days later.


The incident took place in September 2006. Half a year later, the case was rescinded, but the Attorney General made a referral. Following a new investigation, the case was resumed in 2009.


The so-called ‘cold case group’ in The National Criminal Investigation Service (Kripos) have assisted the South Eastern Police District during the latest investigation, which led to the girl’s day carer being charged with assault causing bodily injury and death.


‘The prosecution believes it can now be proved beyond reasonable doubt that it was the defendant who inflicted the girl injuries. We believe that the greater medical knowledge available today than we had before proves this’, stated prosecuting counsel, Marit Formo.


‘My client takes it hard that there are now charges in this case. She is absolutely clear that she did not commit any violence against Martine’, said defence counsel, Thomas Randby. The woman has also pled not guilty to accusations of violence against her own two children when they were 8, and 12, years old.



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