Dalmatian dog reunited with owners after being rescued from Gjerdrum landslide

Dalmatian dogScreenshot from page Norsk Dalmatiner Klubb on Facebook (public)

At 1:43 AM on December 31, a dog that was in the landslide area was rescued by helicopter. The Dalmatian named Zajka has now been reunited with her owners.

At the time of writing, 10 people are unaccounted for following a landslide in Gjerdrum and the search for survivors is ongoing.

After a ground search of the landslide area in Gjerdrum, a dead person has been found on Friday afternoon, the police informed.

In the middle of the tragedy, though, there is hope. One of the families who lost their homes, and most of what they own, still experienced a glimmer of light.

Helicopter evacuation

The Sandman family was evacuated from their ruined home via helicopter on Wednesday. 

One member had to stay behind though: their Dalmatian named Zajka.

Human rescues take precedence during the still-ongoing search and rescue missions. The family understood the circumstances, but was devastated about Zajka having to stay.

And then…

An emotional reunion

“Zajka” spent 20 hours alone in the avalanche area.

Another helicopter flew over the avalanche area and found Zajka during the night. She was taken to an animal clinic immediately to receive treatment for an injured paw.

The family realized that Zajka could be alive when a local veterinarian wrote on Facebook that a Dalmatian had been found in the avalanche area.

When they realized it was indeed their beloved pet, the family screamed with joy.

They were reunited at the animal clinic, where Zajka will stay for a few days as her par heals.

The Dalmatian was anesthetized because the paw is damaged. 

Nevertheless, Zajka’s tail wagged with joy – and she even tried to get up to greet her family.

Source: Norway Today


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