Danish doctors say no to cannabis prescriptions

Cannabis, Hashish, HashA Cannabis plant. Cannabis is used for both recreational and medical use. All products thereof are prohibited under Norwegian law , Photo: Pixabay

Danish doctors believe side effects and health benefits of medical cannabis are not well documented. A medical association declines to print such prescriptions.


Resistance from Danish doctors can stop the four-year trial scheme in Denmark, where it would be possible to hand out prescriptions for medical cannabis from 2018.

The practicing doctors scientific company, DSAM, now discourages its members to print the prescriptions. The reason is that they claim, that there is no evidence of health benefits, and the side effects do not show, that cannabis is not proved to not be a drug, and there has not been a test, where patients either receive experimental treatment or control treatment.

“If a patient comes to me, I have to say I can’t give prescription for the medicine. I have neither experience from other patients nor acceptable documentation to refer to”, says chairman of DSAM, Anders Beich.

The parliament decided last November that cannabis can be given on prescriptions to sclerosis patients, patients in chemotherapy, patients with severe pain and spinal cord injuries.


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