Dark Room investigators support extended IP storage

dark RoomKjell Ropstad and Minister Amundsen, Progress Party, Photo: Stortinget.no

Dark Room investigators support controversial proposals for extended IP storage

– The IP addresses of Norwegian network users are not stored long enough, says Dark Room investigators. They support the proposal for six months storage.


– In practice, we stand no chance to solve very many offensive and serious offenses. This due to that internet providers do not have the legal authority to save ties to an IP address longer than 21 days.

The Western Police District states this in the latest update in pedophile- and abuse investigation, Operation Dark Room.

Amundsen: High priority

There is a lot of support for the proposal to instruct online service providers to store their users’ IP addresses for six months.

Minister of Justice, Per-Willy Amundsen (Frp), is a clear spokesman for this view.

The Frp National Congress decided this spring to work for a legislative amendment. Amundsen has made it clear that he will work for this in Government.

– There are some studies that need to be performed, but I am prepared to submit a bill as soon as possible. This has high priority on my part, says Amundsen to NRK.


However, the proposal is disputed because it is viewed by privacy defenders as a disproportionate impact on people’s right to privacy. Among the parties who are opposed to change is the supporting Liberal party. The Government’s other parliamentary support; KrF is for, and has already proposed a legislative amendment.


– This is an amendment the Government ought to have proposed a long time ago. It is requested by Kripos and the general police for several years. Sexual assault against children is one of the worst forms of crime.

– The time for this amendment is overripe, says Kjell Ingolf Ropstad to NTB.

Ropstad is the second deputy chairman of the justice committee in the Parliament. He expects that there will be a large majority in the Parliament for the proposal.


The West Police District emphasizes in its press release that the information related to IP addresses is central. It is often crucial for resolving more forms of crime – including serious sexual abuse of children over the internet.

– Longer storage time for IP addresses is, in our opinion, imperative for combating sexual abuse of children online, writes West Police District.


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