Declared dead at Molde Hospital

Molde HospitalThe proposed new Molde Hospital. It is very uncertain that it will be built, after reorganisations in the health region. Photo: nyemoldesykehus.

Prematurely declared dead at Molde Hospital

An extremely hypothermic woman was transported to Molde Hospital in February. She was declared dead on arrival. When the police started to examine the woman, she, however, started to show signs of life. The supervisory case closed in record tempo.

The extraordinary event happened at Molde Hospital on February 19th, writes Norwegian TV 2.

The woman was found lifeless in a snowdrift. She was transported to the Molde hospital, where she was declared dead. The police were routinely notified.

When a police officer arrived at the Molde hospital to examine what he believed to be a corpse, there were movements and sounds emitting from the woman. He immediately notified health professionals. The health personnel immediately started resuscitation and managed to save her life.

“It turned out that the person wasn’t dead, after all. We consequently do not have an ongoing investigation of a suspicious death. Apart from that, I cannot provide any more information,” Leader of the prosecution unit of the Møre & Romsdal Police District, Elin Drønnen informs.

The supervisory case against Molde Hospital closed in record tempo

Three days after the incident, the woman received a letter stating that the supervisory case is concluded without further ado.

The police have so far not opened an investigation into the incident. The Police are biding their time, awaiting a filing from the County Doctor’s Office before consider to file themselves.

It is a case of axial hypothermia, according to the Norwegian Board of Health. Such cases mean that the body temperature drops as a result of an accident, injuries or poisoning.

The lowest body temperature registered in a resuscitated human in Norway is 13.7 oC. This was recorded at the University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN) in Tromsø, writes TV 2.

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