Dedichen first female in NATO council

Dedichen Admiral NatoRear Admiral Louise Kathrine Dedichen is appointed to NATO's military council in Brussels. With Head of the Armed forces, Bruun-Hansen. Photo:

Louise K. Dedichen makes history as the first woman in NATO’s military council

Louise Kathrine Dedichen is appointed as a Rear Admiral and chief of the Norwegian military mission. The appointment is made by the  Council of Ministers on Friday.  She becomes the first woman in the military council of The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

Dedichen has been the Head of the College of the Norwegian Armed Forces since 2008. She was also the first female Commodore in Norway.

As head of the Norwegian military mission, she will serve in Brussels. She makes history by becoming the first woman in NATO’s military council, according to Dagbladet.

“I look forward to embarking on the task, working with the Ministry of Defence, the Armed Forces and the NATO Alliance,” Dedichen tells the newspaper.

Dedichen has a background from the Norwegian Navy. She has, among other positions, served in the military mission in Brussels earlier. She also has experience from the Ministry of Defence. Dedichen has served at the Norwegian Armed Forces College since 2006 – first as Head of the Armed Forces’ school, before she, in 2008, was appointed as Head of the Armed Forces’ School Centre, which currently is the College of the Norwegian Armed Forces.

Louise Kathrine Dedichen accedes her new command at the turn of the year.


About Louise Kathrine Dedichen

Louise Kathrine Dedichen (formerly Bastviken) (born April 30th, 1964, in Fredrikstad) is a Norwegian Commodore, appointed in the Council of Ministers on February 1st, 2008. At the same time as the appointment, she was ordered as head of the Armed Forces’ School Centre. She has a background from the intendant line at the Naval School.

Dedichen is the first woman in Norway to be appointed officer at Admiral / General level. She is, along with Major-General Kristin Lund (2009), Rear Admiral Elisabeth Natvig (2012) and Major-General Tonje Skinnarland (2017) one of four female officers in the Armed Forces on the highest level of command.

She plays an officer in the feature film ‘Long Flat Balls II’ (Lange Flate Ballær), directed by her childhood friend, Harald Zwart.

The Dedichen is awarded The Norwegian Defence Medal with the laurels, the Defence Medal, and appointed an officer of the French National Order of Merit.

She is of the family Dedichen. In 2014 she married Per Høiby, CEO of First House. Høiby is a brother of Norwegian Crown Princess Mette-Marit.

(source: Wikipedia)

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  1. Helge Pettersen | 17. July 2019 at 01:18 |

    First of all she was appointed Vise Admiral, she has been a Rear Admiral since 2008. Secondly she was born in Fredrikstad, not Oslo,

    • Firstly, there is no such thing as a ‘Vise Admiral’ in either the US nor the UK. the Americans, for example, use the term Rear Admiral (Second class). We have amended her place of birth, which is, indeed, Fredrikstad.

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