Defence experts highly critical of lack of air protection

F-35 F-35.Photo: Ned Alley / NTB scanpix

The first of the new F-35 combat aircraft have arrived in Norway, but it will take eight years for there to be air defence systems in place to protect them,reported NRK news.


‘It’s absurd, really. It is a concrete example of how little money it is possible to put into defence. This air defence system should have been in place last night’, said independent defence analyst, and former flag commander, Jacob Børresen to the news channel.

Senior Advisor, Lars Gjemble, at the Ministry of Defence, wrote in an e-mail that the new long-range air defence will be delivered to the Armed Forces by approximately 2025. The preliminary study for the acquisition of long-range air protection will start following the planned trajectory next year, the Ministry wrote.

Ståle Ulriksen, researcher at the Swedish Navy School, also believes the lack is a serious situation.

‘The explanation is bad planning. One assumes that should one build an almost unprotected base with very many aircraft, one has not seen the consequences at a strategic level’, said Ulriksen to NRK.

Head teacher, and Colonel Lieutenant, Geir Ødegaard, at the Armed Forces High School, believes long-range air protection should ideally be in place already.

‘Long-range air protection is important, and is becoming more important with the threats we already see,’ he said.

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