Defence sources: It will take one to two months for NATO to help Norway

Defence sources: It will take one to two months for NATO to help NorwayKing Harald visited winter exercise Cold Response Trondelag..Photo: Torbjørn Kjosvold / Forsvaret / NTB scanpix

It will take at least one to two months before Norway can get help from a main force from NATO in a serious crisis or war, according to defense sources.

The website AldriMer writes that they have been informed about the timeliness of several independent and centrally placed defense sources, including the circle around the Chief of Defence and the Armed Forces Joint Headquarters outside Bodø. Also sources in NATO confirms that it is the amount of time it takes for NATO to mobilize.
– When British forces conducted an alarm exercise with the movement of own forces from the United Kingdom to Latvia, this took three weeks. And then it went quickly, said a senior NATO source told the website.
A vanguard of NATO should be in place in Norway after 14 days, but it is solely to prepare the insertion of Allied forces in Norway. The main strength need far more time to mobilize. Defence would not comment on the information.
– I can not go into details of what is graded plans and graded assessments of emergency conditions our customers, says Eystein Kvarving the Defence Staff


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today