Defense of murder accused Minor

Vollen in AskerVollen in Asker.Photo: Torstein Boe / NTB scanpix

The issue of whether a 15-year-old was criminally responsible when she killed 30 year old worker Anna Kristin Gillebo Backlund knowingly, is a key point when the appeal starts Tuesday.

The now 16 year old girl is the youngest in Norway ever sentenced to detention. She was 15 when the Asker and Bærum District Court last summer ruled that she was sane when she killed Gillebo Backlund of the child welfare institution’s Unit at Vollen in Asker, on the 28th of October 2014.

The judgment was appealed in court. Defender Cecilie Nakstad said the appeal will focus on the fact that the courts believe my client really may have been sane when she choked the social worker and then stabbed her 21 times with a knife.

– The main topic will be whether she was sane. We will call witnesses and present evidence that will show clear signs of psychosis in the girl from as early as 12 years old. A private expert has examined the material and will substantiate our claim.

In our opinion, the girl had been misdiagnosed earlier which led to fatal consequences, Nakstad said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today