Military did not check tip on submarine in Sunnfjord


In the Easter week residents of Dalsfjorden in Sunnfjord notified the police that they had observed an object that looked like a submarine. The Military chose not to travel to the area to look into this. Experts now believe it was a submarine.

The observation of something with the likeness of a submarine that dove into the fjord with the periscope up, was made on March 21 this year. According to the message the submarine was  heading away from the fjord, the website Aldrimer which states that it focuses on the Military, defense and security of Norway, writes.
Police reported the observation to the officer on  duty at the Joint Headquarters (FOH) at Reitan. The Joint Headquarters denies that the object being observed  was a submarine.

Not a submarine
– We’ve seen the pictures, and we have not concluded that this is  a submarine. It’s a suspicious object. It’s not a submarine observation,  spokesman at FOH, Lieutenant Colonel Ivar Moen, said.
He said that there were no Norwegian submarines in the area at the time the observation was made. As a matter of principle, he can’t say anything about the allied submarine movements in the North.

It is a submarine
Two experts told TV 2 news on Thursday night that it may have been a Russian submarine that was observed. The TV channel has received a  mobile phone video showing the incident.
– To me, this really looks like a submarine. If this is not a submarine, it is a very good imitation made on purpose ,  Ståle Ulriksen, a researcher at NUPI and teacher at the Naval Academy, says.
The former submarine captain and Commodore Jacob Børresen has also seen mobile video and disagree with the experts of the Military.
– It’s a submarine. Its movements at sea are stable, and it also has a stable speed. It does not move up and down, but on a straight course,  Børresen says.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today