Demonstration against Turkish Airlines at Gardermoen

Jessheim.Demonstration at Gardermoen against Turkey's invasion of Syria and the war against Kurds.Photo Fredrik Hagen / NTB scanpix

Dozens of protesters showed up at Oslo Airport on Tuesday to demonstrate against Turkish Airlines. The background is Turkey’s military offensive in Syria.

– “We estimate that around 50-60 protesters showed up. They are still here, but we have stated that we do not consider this an approved demonstration on our part. We do not allow political actions at the airport,” says Avinor communications manager Gurli Ulverud at NTB at 18-30 on Tuesday evening.

Spokesman for the protesters, Andam Aziz, told NTB that it was a spontaneous action that lasted 35 minutes.

– “As friends of the Kurdish people, this was one of several actions against Turkish products and companies in Norway,” he says.

Ulverud emphasizes that Avinor has had a good dialogue with the protesters.

– “Things have been going well, and we have been prepared for this in case it should come far more than it actually did. We want to take care of the passengers and the security here at the airport, but it has not had any impact on that.”

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today

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