Demonstration against Norway in Syria

Norges FredsrådDemonstration against Norway in Syria: Photo

On Thursday 19 May. 18:00 on Eidsvolls plass in Oslo a demonstration against the government’s decision to send Norwegian special forces to train Syrian rebel groups will be held.

The Norwegian Peace Council, in collaboration with the Norwegian Peace Association, is the organizer of the demonstration. It also has the support of an increasing number of people from the Military, political parties, civil society and the cultural life.

We should be careful not to interfere in conflict situations where it’s so hard to keep track of the web of alliances and the battle lines. In Syria, today’s allies may become tomorrow’s enemies, and there are hardly any Syrian rebel groups that it will be unproblematic for Norway to cooperate with, ,  managing director of the Norwegian Peace Council, Hedda B. Langemyr, says. – There are limits to the number of times Norway and our allies can resort to the same military means and still expect to get a different result from previous interventions,  Langemyr says.

The basis in international law for intervention is thin, and the decision taken without a hint of lessons from previous involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya. Norwegian involvement is just as likely to make the situation worse as helping to resolve conflict, end Langemyr.

Appeals will be held by the general manager of the Norwegian Peace Council, Hedda B. Langemyr, SV leader Audun Lysbakken, Red Leader Tracey Moxnes, MDG spokesman Rasmus Hansson, head of Norwegian People’s Aid Sarpsborg and Syrian refugee Amer Ayoub, Chro Borhan from solidarity with Kurdistan, and Tor Kristian Birkeland from Christian Council. In addition, a number of profiles from trade unions, church groups and humanitarian groups have given their support to the demonstration.

The game of the great powers, where they battle for hegemony in the Middle East is not a game in which Norway should take part. It helps to weaken the international legal order that small states like Norway depend on for their safety,  former Military head Jacob Børresen says.

Source: Norway Today