Demonstration planned in front of the Norwegian parliament during the electricity debate

Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

When the Norwegian parliament (Storting) gathers to talk about the electricity situation on 19 September, several actors plan to gather for a demonstration outside the building.

The main initiator of the protest is Industriaksjonen, and the demonstration takes place in collaboration with the Facebook group “We who demand cheaper electricity,” the newspaper Klassekampen writes.

According to the newspaper, the protest requirements are a maximum price for the necessary consumption of electricity for households and industry, political control of power exports to ensure the security of supply, and renegotiation of the agreements related to the foreign cables to England and Germany.

A number of people from political parties, organizations, businesses, and private individuals will participate, Boye Ullmann, leader of Industriaksjonen, told Energinytt24 – the Facebook group’s own online newspaper.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Demonstration planned in front of the Norwegian parliament during the electricity debate"

  1. So people and the organizers of this want to protest the symptom – ascending fuel prices – but they don’t want to protest our Western governments *causing* those by opposing giving the Russians the fair security treaty we owe them, resulting in this latest neocon holocaust Ukraine war actually causing the worldwide energy crisis.
    Again, it is documented we did promise not to push NATO east toward them, and we did in 1999 adding Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Russia-hating Poland.
    Then we forced our/NATO’s Kosovo bombing war on the Serbs with our Rambouillet “Treaty” Appendix B unconditional occupation/surrender ultimatum, which was the last straw for Russian democrat Yeltsin who then turned Russia back over to its national security community – Putin – for its protection.
    And finally and most dangerously, our Budapest peace agreement breaking 2014 Kyiv coup which – along with Zelensky’s 19Feb22 Budapest breaking threat that Ukraine might indeed get nuclear weapons – is what started the war in the first place.
    This demonstration may (or may not) heighten Parliament’s sense of urgency about the energy crisis, true, but it says nothing about leaning on Kyiv to accept a fair security treaty and is as fundamentally naive and ineffectual as those anti-nuclear-weapon demonstrators’ pie-eyed candle holding vigils which actually got them a peace prize?

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