Demonstrations against Turkey’s offensive in Syria held in several Norwegian cities

Kurds demonstrate in Oslo.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Both in Oslo and Bergen demonstrations were held on Saturday against Turkey’s military operation in Syria. In Bergen, there was hardly any atmosphere and the temperament was high for sparking fights.

The demonstration in Bergen took place at Torgallmenningen. There was hardly any sentiment, and several police patrols were sent to the scene, West Police District informed at 16 a.m. Saturday.

“There were clashes between the demonstrators, and the police had to physically separate the parties. Turks and Syrians were part of heated discussions. Several political groups were also present,” says operations manager Tatjana Knappen to VG.

Police had not announced the demonstration in advance.

The button says they have good dialogue with those responsible for the selection.

“It worked out in the end, and there were no arrests,” she tells NTB.

Great demonstration in Oslo
Things were going well in the capital, but very many protesters had turned up to protest. The on-site police patrols described the atmosphere as good.

According to the organizer, 3,600 people were present. They went by train from Oslo S to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Several appeals were held there.

“Condemn the Kurds massacre in Turkey” and “Stop Turkey’s war against the Kurds” were among the calls written on the protesters’ posters.

There were similar demonstrations in a number of other major European cities on Saturday. In Copenhagen, Stockholm, Paris, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Athens and several other places, tens of thousands of Kurds protested against the offensiv.

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