Denmark considers border controls

Öresund BridgeMALMÖ, SWEDEN. Öresund Bridge between Sweden and Denmark.Photo: JOHAN NILSSON / Scanpix

The Terrorist attacks and 12,000 unaccounted and rejected asylum seekers in Sweden concerns the Danish Government, which is ready to introduce border controls against the neighbouring country.


– It is clear that if the trend in Sweden deteriorates, the Government will not hesitate to introduce border with Sweden, says Minister for foreigners, integration and housing, Inger Støjberg, to JyllandsPosten.

The proposal comes as a result of the terrorist attack in Stockholm on Friday, in which four people were killed when a truck ran into the crowd in a pedestrian street. The terror accused 39-years-old is a rejected asylum seeker from Uzbekistan.

After the terrorist attacks, it emerged that there are all in all 12,000 unaccounted or rejected asylum seekers in Sweden. The Swedish Migration Board has predicted that this figure could increase by 50,000 in the coming years.

– In light of the terrorist attack in Stockholm and the many immigrants in Sweden, which can travel illegally to Denmark, the Government holds a particularly watchful eye on developments in Sweden, says Støjberg.

If implemented, the Danes introduce border control with Sweden for the first time in many decades. The Swedes in its turn has had border controls for travellers fromDenmark since January last year.

In January of last year the Danish government introduced temporary border controls on the Danish-German border, this has been extended until May.

All border controls and extensions must be approved by the European Commission and the other EU countries.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today