Denmark is sending 2,700 Norwegian anti-tank missiles to Ukraine

Ukrainian soldiersPhoto: AP Photo / Vadim Ghirda, File

A total of 2,700 anti-tank missiles (M72 EC LAW) that the Danish Armed Forces bought from the Norwegian company Nammo in 2018 will now be passed on to Ukraine, Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) writes.

This is the first time in recent times that Denmark is donating weapons to a country at war, Danmarks Radio reports.

This weekend, Norway opened the way for ammunition produced in Norway to be re-exported to Ukraine. In principle, the Norwegian regulations do not allow this because Norwegian weapons mustn’t end up in conflict zones.

Formally, Denmark must turn to Norway to be allowed to pass on the weapons, but Norway will not stop the Danish decision.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Denmark is sending 2,700 Norwegian anti-tank missiles to Ukraine"

  1. The bored-with-peace, war-rabid Danes( … and Swedes).
    Putin has now raised the nuclear threat, so any place in Ukraine receiving these war toys would be in mortal peril.
    The Danes might at least pause to think about the people in those places.

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