Denmark sends immigrants to island

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Denmark to send expelled immigrants to a deserted island

The Danish government has decided to send expelled immigrants who can not return to their home country to the desolate island of Lindholm.


The centre on the five-acre island will be home to foreigners without a residence permit, foreigners who have been expelled for reasons of security due to crime, foreigners and rejected asylum seekers convicted of violations of the Criminal Code, or the Drugs Act wrote Denmark’s Radio.

“Of course, we would preferably have placed rejected asylum seekers who have committed criminal offences in prison, but we can’t. Therefore, we have found a deserted island,” said René Christensen of the Dansk Folkeparti.

“This means they can not run around in the local areas and create insecurity when they are out at night and in the evening.”

The decision was made when the Danish government and their support party, the highly Populist Dansk Folkeparti, reached a settlement on the state budget on Friday night.

Immigrants will be moved to the island, which currently houses a research centre for communicable diseases, by  2021.


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  1. They are not criminals. Some have commited a crime (e.g. speeding Tucker, etc) and done the time. Some have not committed a crime, but have been told to leave (to a home that is still persecuting them). There are children too. Please investigate thoroughly and inform accurately

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