– We are too dependent on the Swedes regarding the Internet


A general strike or a storm in Sweden can stop a lot of Internet traffic in Norway.

– There is a need for multiple data paths abroad, the Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority believes.

– Today we stand on only one leg. Almost all Norwegian data traffic abroad go through a few fibre cables in eastern Norway to Sweden and it makes us extremely vulnerable, says technical director in Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (Nkom), Bjørn Erik Eskedal.

A storm or a strike in our neighbouring country might stop a lot of Internet traffic in Norway, Nkom fears.

Eskedal think that Norway needs more data lines abroad.

– Data usage such as Facebook, videos on the Internet and corporate data is transmitted mostly via Sweden today.

If something happens to the communications with Norway the worst case scenario is that the entire internet in Norway goes down. Then it will be up to the Swedish authorities to decide what measures should be taken, he said.

Vulnerable to cyber attacks

In a report Nkom writes that they are concerned.

– If Norway is exposed to computer attacks from criminal organizations, terrorist groups or states, it is important to ensure that we have a lot of fibre cables that must be affected before the communication out of the country disappears, Eskedal believes.


Source: nrk.no / Norway Today