A desire for Nordic ‘nationality’

Norwegian passport, Norwegian citizenshipNorwegian passport. Photo: Norway Today media

It is time for Nordic cooperation to develop from being a messy and paperless relationship, into an orderly marriage and cohabitation, according to a group in the Nordic Council.

Parliamentarians have therefore proposed the establishment of a common Nordic social security number. On Wednesday, they will discuss the proposal in Oslo.

‘Joint social security for everybody in the Nordic countries would make it easier for us all if we want to settle, study or do business in Nordic countries and autonomous territories’, said Britt Lundberg to NTB news agency.

A politician from Åland’s Nordic Council is president this year

‘That does not mean we will abolish national citizenship, but it will complement it. It will give all Nordic citizens the same rights and obligations in the country or autonomous areas they settle in. The intention is also to make the Nordic region an even more powerful, single market for knowledge, goods, employment and free movement’, said Lundberg.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today