One man dies in traffic accident in Sarpsborg

Illustration Picture: car crash, Photo: Pixabay

One man dies in traffic accident in Sarpsborg, one injured in Buskerud

A man dies in traffic accident in Sarpsborg, Østfold. The car is a total loss after high speed crash.


– Ullevaal Hospital has now confirmed that the patient is flown there from Sarpsborg is declared dead, writes the police in Oslo on Twitter. They say the identity of the deceased is still unknown, but that they are working to clarify this.

Operation leader Terje Marstad says to NTB just over 4 am on Sunday that there is a serious accident.

– We know that it is a car that witnesses says came in very high speed, hit a curb, before  flying through the air, bringing down lampposts and shrubs, says Marstad.

He explained that the car has driven so fast that it has torn bushes and broken tree branches in the intersection of Haraldssonsgate and Sankt Nikolas gate.

– We found a person under shrubbery that we have had to cut out by chainsaw, says Marstad. The person was transported to hospital with air ambulance.

– The car is a total wreck, hardly recognizable. We consider it a serious accident.

The police were notified of the incident at 3.28 am.


One to hospital after a traffic accident in Buskerud

A person is taken to hospital after a car ran off the road and landed upside down in Eggedal in Buskerud. He supposedly is conscious.

– A car has driven out a kilometer from Eggedal city center. It has flipped over. When the emergency services arrived, there was a person in the car. He is now taken out of the car, says operations manager Thov Thorsrud to NTB.

– The driver is conscious and is cared for by paramedics. The air ambulance is cancelled, writes the police in North Buskerud on Twitter.

Politiet meldte om ulykken klokken 4.21 natt til søndag.


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