The Directorate of Immigration intensifies the hunt for system cheats

UDI Logo, minor asylum seekersLogo UDI. Photo Norway Today Media

Lately, the matter of Mahad Abib Mahamud received much attention after the UDI decided to deprive him of citizenship. The Directorate believes he was not telling the truth about where he originally came from.

In the near future, there may be more such cases. The Directorate of Immigration (UDI) have given notice that one consequence of the decline in the arrival of asylum seekers to Norway will be that they intensify the hunt for people who have cheated their way to Norway and received citizenship, wrote Vårt Land.

Currently, UDI are looking into 500 cases carefully. These cases could end with Norwegian citizenship being revoked. UDI said that ‘particular attention will go to groups of cases where we know from experience that the risk of fraud is greatest.’

‘There is a great benefit to all the parties involved that the administration has the capacity to investigate cases of this type at as early a stage as possible, and preferably before fraudulent cases are granted citizenship. It can’t be ruled out that some issues are still going up for investigation at a later stage’, stated the UDI.

Since 2012, 135 people have been deprived of citizenship. Half such decisions were made last year, said immigration minister Sylvi Listhaug (FRP) in a letter to parliament.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


2 Comments on "The Directorate of Immigration intensifies the hunt for system cheats"

  1. stefanos temolso | 17. January 2017 at 20:11 |

    UDI must be aware that there are as many as 5% Ethiopian (from Tigray) who got claimed to be Eritreans and got their asylum case accepted. Tigrians speak the same language as Eritreans and they used to travel to Ethiopia (before the law that prohibited them) as they liked because they are considered Eritreans. Another issue UDI must be aware is there are countless Eritreans who claim to have suffered under the regime but cooperate with the regime’s consulate and travel to Eritrea secretly. When they arrive in Asmara their passport is not stamped and they are given a Lassie passe. Worst of all, they spy on their fellow compatriots who live in Norway and endanger their families back home. It is high time UDI keeps a close eye on them.

  2. Very good idea.

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