District Medical Office fear an increase of rat population amidst garbage chaos

RatsRats.Photo: pixabay.com

Garbage and rubbish that hangs around too long because of a lack of rubbish removal and bin emptying in Oslo, has caused the Local Districts’ superior medical officer in Stovner to react. He fears there will be more rats breeding in the city.

In an open letter to the council, the district medical officer, Finn Skogstad, wrote that ‘food rubbish/garbage is remaining lying in open landfills because of lack of retrieval, helping to propagate slum-like conditions, pollution and pest resurgence’, reported Dagbladet.

‘Lack of waste management can contribute to the increased presence of rats, which is undesirable’, said the doctor. He wrote the letter after a huge garbage pile continued growing for two weeks outside a municipal farm at Stovner before it was removed by the waste disposal company, Veireno.

Operations manager, Arild Birkeland, of the local district office said the municipality were forced to step in to keep some control while they waited for the garbage to be collected.

‘We have not had to remove garbage ourselves, but we have tried to keep track of the build-up. We have piled the garbage into a more organized stack and followed the scale of the build-up’, he said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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