Djabrail’s parents wants the MD punished

Djabrail Sulejmanov HaukelandDjabrail Sulejmanov (6) died after a treatment at Haukeland University Hospital last autumn. Photo: Private

Djabrail’s parents think the MD must face the music

Djabrail Sulejmanov (6) died after a treatment at Haukeland University Hospital last autumn. Now the parents complain about the dismissal of the case against the responsible medical doctor.


The family lawyer, Jan Inge Thesen, confirms to the NRK that they have formally complained to the dismissal. He believes police evidence suggests that the doctor has acted grossly negligently.

– Losing your child is one of the worst things that can affect a family. This is a very important issue, as it is very important to have a thorough judicial treatment. We believe the court must have the opportunity to decide on the question of punishment, he says to NRK.

Health Bergen was given a large fine after the six-years-old Djabrail Sulejmanov was mistreated and died in September 2017.

The Haukeland University Hospital, the doctor and the nurse involved in the treatment have all been investigated in the case. The hospital was formally charged, while the other two were suspected in the case.

The case against the doctor who injected Djabrail using the wrong syringe was filed «due to the state of the evidence» because she did not act grossly negligently according to Attorney General Benedicte Hordnes.

Now the parents complain about this point in the prosecution’s decision. The Attorney General has three months to consider whether the dismissal should be reversed. If they say decline, it proceeds to the National Attorney General’s office.

The Family’s objection

The family’s objection to the verdict is based on these points:

  • According to the expert child psychologist the police used in the case, the doctor should have interrupted the treatment when it became clear that the syringe with the drug that was used was in the room along with the syringe that was supposed to be used.
  • The doctor had, according to the reconstruction of the event, plenty of time and several opportunities to investigate if she had the right syringe at hand, without doing so.
  • the demand for cautious is heightened when the doctor knows that the wrong drug was in the treatment room and that mistreatment is fatal
  • The doctor was also not under such a time pressure as the National General Attorney’s note presupposes not to apply punishment, the lawyer believes.


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