Doctors feel pressured to perform twin abortions early

DoctorsDoctors.Photo: Pixabay

Doctors who perform foetal reduction on twins, say they feel pressured to do it sooner than they think is medically necessary.

According to NRK news, the doctors have sent a letter to the Directorate of Health. They feel pressured to perform interventions early to comply with the law on abortion.

‘We would like to avoid being pressured to perform surgery sooner than we think is medically justifiable’, said chief physician, Torbjørn Eggebø at the National Centre for invasive foetal medicine at St. Olav’s Hospital in Trondheim.

‘It is technically difficult to perform it early, and probably there exists a slightly higher risk of complications if you do it earlier’, he added.

According to NRK, seven foetal reductions were performed on twins in 2016, six at St. Olav’s Hospital, and one at Rikshospitalet.

The Division of the Justice Ministry last year concluded that abortion law should be interpreted so that women pregnant with twins could have foetal reduction performed of a healthy twin by Week 12.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today