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Dog attacks three year old in kindergarten

AmbulanceAmbulance. Photo: Norway Today Media


A three year old boy was seriously injured when he was bitten by a dog inMaurtua kindergarten in Skien on Friday afternoon.


The police announced that the boy suffered severe bite injuries.

There was a dog of the breed ‘saarloos wolfhound’. It jumped over the fence of the kindergarten and attacked the little boy, said the police. According to Wikipedia, the wolf-like dog breed originates in the Netherlands.

‘Two dogs were loose, and got into the nursery area. One of them attacked a little boy and bit him in the leg. Some adults eventually managed to get the dog away from the boy’, said operations manager, Jørn Gustav Larsen, of the Telemark police to NTB news agency.

The boy had to be operated on after the attack.

The police operations manager announced that the dog is in police custody and that it is likely to be put down.

‘The police will consider it,’ said Larsen.
The police have been in contact with the dog’s owner, and witnesses to the incident. They have made a case file, and say they do not rule out that the dog’s owner could be liable for criminal charges.

‘You must be in control of the animals, and it doesn’t appear to have been the case here’, said the police spokesperson.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today


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