Dog found marijuana plantation

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Man sentenced to prison after a dog discovered his marijuana plantation

A man is sentenced to prison by the Tønsberg District Court after a dog discovered several kilos of marijuana plants in a forest in Vestfold.


Tonsberg District Court sentenced the man to one year and six months in prison and he must also pay NOK 5,000 in fines, according to NRK.

The incident occurred in 2014. The dog is a former police dog and began to tug on its chain during a forest trip together with its owner.

Dog and owner came across 173 marijuana plants, which correspond to approximately 15.5 kilograms of processed marijuana.

After that the police started surveillance of the plantation, a 39-year-old man was apprehended. He admitted during questioning to have grown the “herbs”, claiming that the plants were meant for his own use only.

The man has previously been convicted of the use and storage of marijuana.


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