Dog sneaked out of his house and took the bus

Oslo. The dog was picked up by a police patrol.Photo: Politiet / NTB scanpix

A little dog took off today, on Ascension day, from his home in Oslo. Then took a ride on the bus for eight stops.


The dog was picked up by a police patrol from the 31-bus at the train station in Oslo city center, witnesses said the dog hoped on the bus at Sinsen, police reported on Twitter.

Thus the little dog had been enjoying the bus ride for a total of eight stops before its freedom was cut short.

The dog was chipped, so the police could return it home to an address near where it had first gotten on the bus. The owner explained to the police that the dog had sneaked out of the house through a gate. The owner had been searching the neighborhood for the dog, but the search was in vain.

The dog was happily reunited with his owner, Thursday afternoon.


© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today