Dogs will have to be kept on a leash until August

Now it is not allowed to let dogs run freeOSLO.Dog Paneaq.Photo: Solveig Vikene / SCANPIX

From Friday 1 April dog owners in Norway will once more be required to keep their dogs leashed while taking the dog for a walk.

The prohibition against letting dogs run free will apply until August 20,  the FSA informs. Certain types of hunting and service dogs in active service or under training will be exempt.
– Wildlife is particularly vulnerable during this period. To prevent dogs scaring up or chase birds, wildlife and grazing animals, it is important that everyone keep their dogs leashed. This is also a time of year when there will be many people outside.

– Keep your dog on a leash for the sake of others, Ole Herman Tronerud, Senior Adviser in  the Section Animal Health in the Food Supervision says.

FSA points out that several municipalities have their own areas where the dogs  are allowed to run free and unleashed through the whole year, even in the period where the owners generally have to keep their dogs leashed. Some counties and municipalities also have other rules about the leashing of dogs that are different from or in addition to the regular rules in certain areas.
FSA reminds people that dogs that are found  without their owner or owners are to be returned to the owner or the police.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today