¿Dónde está el Rey?

El Rey Spain referendumFelipe, king of Spain. Photo: Cancillería Ecuador

¿Dónde está el Rey?

Catalunya has today tried to have a referendum on independence.


The Supreme Court has ruled in favour of the view of the central Government and deemed the referendum as illegal. The central Government has therefore decided to come down as a ton of bricks on anybody that still thinks it is within their democratic right to cast their vote, whether in favour of an independent Catalan state or not.

Just like in Britain regarding brexit, it is assumed that a slight majority are in favour of an independent state.

What is curious is that the Royal family has not in any way tried to help cooling down the situation.

Catalan authorities: More than 400 people have been treated after clashes with the police

More than 460 people have been treated by healthcare professionals after clashes with the police during the referendum in Catalonia, according to the regional authorities.

A total of 465 people have received treatment at hospitals and health centers. So far 92 confirmed to be wounded – two of them seriously so – according to the regional authorities.

One of the seriously injured suffered an eye injury while the other one suffered a heart attack during a police action in Lerida, 150 kilometres west of Barcelona.

Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, demands a stop to what she considers as police violence, according to Reuters.

Catalan authorities on Sunday reported that 337 people were wounded when the police attempted to prevent the referendum on Catalan independence.

The Central Government in Madrid has stated that twelve police officers were injured during the clashes on Sunday.


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