Doubling of violence: Here’s what the police expect after Norway’s reopening

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A doubling of cases of violence and unrest, more crime, and online scams – here’s what Norwegian police expect after the reopening. 

In a new report, the police in Trøndelag have tried to analyze how the reopening of society will affect crime.

The report is shared with police partners in the municipalities and other agencies. It predicts more violence and unrest than in normal summers from the time before the pandemic.

“Precisely because people want to make up for lost time. They could think that they have to celebrate a lot after a period of restrictions,” Anders Sunde-Eidem, head of the joint unit for intelligence and investigation in the Trøndelag police, told news bureau NTB.

More violence 

Roughly speaking, this is what the police expect this summer: 

* At least a doubling of cases of violence, intoxication, and disorderly.

* Less sharing and downloading of abusive material, but it is considered likely that more people have become familiar with technology, websites, and how to download and share such material. 

* Less violence in the home but more social contact could lead to more intoxication and quarrels, triggering violence. 

* Opening the borders will lead to more labor immigration and more migrants. 

Prepared for unrest

Sunde-Eidem emphasizes that these are scenarios for the future and that there is uncertainty associated with these predictions. 

He says the police are preparing by allocating resources so that, for example, there will be more visible police on the streets. The police also encourage nightlife and other industries to consider strengthened security.

“Hopefully, there will be a good atmosphere, with happy people and a positive atmosphere instead of violence and intoxication,” Sunde-Eidem noted.

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