Driver died after car was hit by truck

Ambulance, Woman charged with stabbing, School roofAmbulance.Photo: Norway Today Media

The driver of a timber truck lost his life Tuesday after the car he was driving was hit by a trailer that came loose from the truck on highway 4 just north of Gjøvik.

“The accident occurred on a slight right turn. In one way or another, the trailer came loose from the truck, slid off the side and hit the timber truck in front,” said operations Baard Christiansen in Inland police.
The man who died was from Gjøvik.
“The man who drove the wagon train is for the time being deprived of his license. The accident is being investigated; cargo should not loosen that way,” says operational manager.
The police were notified of the accident at 13.05. NPRA accident to investigate the accident site before the road can be reopened to traffic.


Source: NTB scanpix  / Norway today