Driver test not exempted in new absence rules for driver training

Authorised Traffic Schools’ National Federation believes that the new absence rules introduced from the autumn will create major differences.

‘’It is gratifying that the government now makes parts of the traffic education absence documented, but we are disappointed that the ministry has not listened to us and pinches in some areas. This is about traffic safety and it is about following established curricula. For us, for example, it is incomprehensible that the practical driving test does not qualify for documented absence’’ said CEO, Torgeir Abusdal of the Authorized Traffic Schools National Association (ATL).

In the new rules that are to be introduced on the 1st of August this year, documented absence for four hours of compulsory safety course on track is given, as well as five hours of practical exercise in road traffic. Documented absences are also provided for four hours of planning and driving in a varied traffic environment. In addition, it is also possible for the travel route to apply as part of the documented absence.

‘’The change that is now being undergone is in line with the consultation proposal, but it is still the case that students have to expect to use free hours, holidays and other times outside of school hours for traffic education’’ said Minister of Knowledge, Jan Tore Sanner of Høyre (H).

Abusdal said ATL will continue to work towards the evaluation of the scheme to be implemented in 2020.

‘’It is gratifying that Sanner opens up to incorporate the practical driving test as documented absence later, but this should have been in place in the proposal that has now been adopted’’ he said.

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