Driverless cars in the state budget in the UK

London SøreideLondon

The British finance minister gained £75 million to develop artificial intelligence that will bring driverless cars on the roads by 2021.


The grant, equivalent to approximately NOK 815 million, was announced in Philip Hammond’s budget on Wednesday.

It is expected that the Minister of Finance will make changes to the regulatory framework, and will allow driverless vehicles to travel on British roads in less than three years.

The government will also spend 160 million pounds on developing 5G technology, which is considered necessary to let a large number of driverless cars on the road.
The driverless automotive industry will be worth £ 28 billion by 2035, according to government estimates.

Hammond also suggested a £ 400 million post for the construction of charging stations. In addition, funding grants must be made available to persons wishing to purchase electric cars.


©  NTB Scanpix / Norway Today