Drivers react to EU proposals on rest time

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Norwegian occupational drivers react to EU proposals on rest time

The Transport Committee of EU wants occupational drivers to drive more with less rest time. Norwegian occupational drivers believe that it will lead to more fatal accidents on Norwegian roads.


– There are enough tired foreign drivers on Norwegian roads as it is; Enough Norwegians too. There is a reason why rest period regulations are in place. There were a lot more accidents on the roads before they came. We need the rest we get, says long haul driver for Kristiansen Transport, Hans Erik Strand, to Klassekampen.

He is supported by the Transport Workers’ Union, representing Norwegian freight drivers.

– In short, the situation is out of control. I do not think politicians in the EU Transport Committee understand the consequences of their own proposals regarding safety and working conditions, says the head of the Transport Workers’ Union, Lars Johnsen, to the newspaper.

Hopes for Norwegian exemption

He hopes Norwegian politicians will demand an exemption if the proposal is adopted.

According to plan, the mobility package will be voted over in the European Parliament on September 10th, but the EU Transport Committee wishes to avoid parliamentary treatment. If they get it as they wish, it will be decided on Thursday.

Klassekampen has not succeeded in getting a statement from Minister of Transport, Ketil Solvik-Olsen, but so far there has been a cross-policy agreement to work against harmful changes in the transport sector.

Red, The Socialist Party (SV), Labour (Ap) and Centre Party (Sp) wants to enforce Norway’s right to veto.


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