Driving Teachers warns against fake schools

7 killed on the roads in MarchPeople in traffic. Photo Norway Today Media

Driving Teachers warn against what they call pirate schools, who speculate in providing inexpensive training for those who will take certificate.
The schools in question , are schools run by person that are not authorized driving teachers , but put an L on the car and charge for practice driving. Sources in the motoring industry in Vestfold assume that the hourly rate is about half of what an authorized driving school will charge, according to the newspaper Tønsberg Blad.
In addition to pure driving practice, it is claimed in the industry that some of the “L-schools” cooperates with authorized driving schools. Thus, receive written confirmation on passing the various compulsory parts that must be undertaken before the driving test.
Charging for driving practice is not allowed if you do not meet the requirements. If you charge for driving practice you have to be an authorized driving teacher and connected to a driving school with a program coordinator.
Senior adviser Gro Bakkerud in the Road directorate says the issues have been discussed and that  measures to solve the problem are being considered.
The manager and driving instructor Anders Guldahl at Speed ​​driver training thinks the problems of the ‘L-schools “can easily be solved.
– This is a probably less of a problem here than in Oslo. The industry has presented a solution. The driving companion has to take a course and also provide the name of the person he or she is driving with. This is the way it’s done in Sweden, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today