Drone Stops Gardermoen Air Traffic

Next accidents with drones doubled last yearDrones.Photo/Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson).Wikimedia

Wednesday, June 13th, all evening arrivals at Oslo’s Gardermoen airport were suspended for a period of about 20 minutes after an unidentified drone was seen flying within restricted airport airspace.


Joachim Westher Andersen, communications manager at Avinor told Aftenposten; “Flying a drone within the airspace of an international airport is irresponsible and possibly criminal behavior. We report these types of cases to the police.”

Norwegian Broadcasting Corp’s NRK states that several inbound flights were redirected to Torp airport, and gives further unsubstantiated report that responding police shot the drone from the sky.

Aftenposten also gave report that police were successful in tracking down the pilot of Wednesday’s drone but it was unclear at post if criminal charges are pending.

According to local Romerike newspaper The Leaf, Gardermoen saw a similar drone incident earlier in the day when a drone pilot flew near the airport’s runway airspace.

That morning event closed Gardermoen’s western runway for a short time but caused no air traffic delays.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today