Drug Seizures at the 25th Anniversary of motorcycle club

police carOSLO.Police car.Photo : Morten Holm / Scanpix

On Friday night police ceased drugs at a motorcycle meet on Finneid outside Fauske. One person has been arrested after the discovery of drugs and drug paraphernalia.

Motorcycle club Turnout MC in Finneid outside Fauske in Nordland held their 25th Anniversary this weekend. Police had already stated that they would be in the area. A member of the host club was arrested Friday night  and charged for the use and possession of drugs.

– Upon ransacking the home of the member we found drugs in a quantity which police believe is more than for personal use. On this basis, police went into action at the clubhouse where the club was situated about 50-60 people from various motorcycle clubs in Norway were in attendance, According to the regional sheriff in Nordland Police Robin Johansen in a statement.

When police went into action against the club a bag of amphetamine was thrown out the window. During a search with a marked narcotics dog in various places around the room both paraphernalia and narcotic powder substances were found.

Johansen said to NTB that the club has previously been convicted of illegal sales of alcohol.

Members of the Hells Angels, Devils Choice and several other so-called route clubs participated Friday. The plan is that the party will continue until Saturday night.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today