Drug seizures in Norway 2016

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The complexity of cases is increasing and the trend of increased seizures of MDMA (Ecstasy) continued in 2016. The quantities of hashish seized in 2016 have never been higher.

A clear trend in recent years is that MDMA (ecstasy) is being seized more often than before. The drug was as good as gone from the market in 2009, but now more MDMA is being seized than in the 2000s. The drug has recently experienced a popularity peak. MDMA seizures are now being made across the country.
– Successful international cooperation to regulate the starting material for MDMA helped to remove the substance from Norway. Now illicit manufacturers have found new output chemicals and new production methods, says Kari Frey Solvik, head of the Police section for drug analysis.
Large hashish seizures, less heroin
Hashish is the drug that is seized most in Norway. In 2016 3.1 tons of hashish were seized, the most ever. In particular, large seizures were made in the first half of last year. Heroin has had the opposite tendency.
The number of seizures has decreased gradually since 2010. Seizures amounted to 13 kg in 2016, one of the lowest amounts in the past decade.
Fewer cases, but several fabric types
Statistics show that there have been fewer drug cases by Norwegian police over the past two years. This may be due to natural variations, but the trend over time can reflect changes in import pressure or availability.
The number may also reflect law enforcement activities.
While there have been fewer cases, the complexity of each case has increased.
We often see several fabric types in a single seizure, and the number of substances on the drug market has doubled in ten years.
Source: politi.no / Norway Today