Drunk woman called police almost a hundred times

PolicePolice.Photo: Kyrre Lien / SCANPIX .

Finnmark police have reported a woman who within a few hours on Saturday afternoon called the emergency number 112 almost a hundred times.

During a few hours on Saturday afternoon, the woman from Lakselv called the police emergency center in Kirkenes almost a hundred times. Operations manager Tarjei Leinan Mathiesen, in Finnmark police district, reports that the woman was binge-drinking and that she called and called without any danger.

“Under normal circumstances we would have gone to the woman’s home and seized the phone, but we had no patrol in this area on Saturday afternoon. When we had people in the district later in the evening, the calling had stopped, so we are waiting for more,” says the operations manager.

He describes the many calls as burdensome and that they took the capacity of the police from other tasks. The woman has therefore notified herself to the police and can now expect a follow-up.

“We have some who call often, but rarely as aggressively as this time,” says the operations manager.

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